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Ami Suzuki - Free Free

Июнь 2008

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9 июн, 2008

Ami Suzuki - Free Free


Haha I knew i'd get social as my highest. 

Makoto - OMFG

(без темы)

  I can't believe my dad still... He asked me to come home early. I am over 4 hours away!!! I live in Bloomingdale and I'm in downtown Chicago. As if thats gonna work with all this weather we've been getting lately. >.< I hate tornadoes. A LOT. I want to move back to Arizona where it was just really hot, and it's not like we didn't get rain there. Instead we got monsoons and lots of wind. It really wasn't that bad. I miss life in Mesa , everything was so simple not to mention here you can't workout in the morning because the weather sucks butt.  I NEED MAH FITNESS PEEPS!!  I gain weight so easily but stuggle to lose it. I'm at 124lbs right now and my goal is 110 so not much longer before I get there but still...... 

Eh.. Anyways off to my morning workout routine!!!!!! 

EDIT: I got my hair done. I ended up doing something totally different than I planned. But then again I never stick to anything. XD

It's black with brighter red highlights mostly in the front. The cut was simple just to help round out my face.
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8 июн, 2008

WTF? - Nono


 I deceided to spend the night at my aunts to get away from my Dad. I can't stand him lately. He'll take off from work and hang out with his girlfriend , but KAMI FORBID if I want to bond with him he'll be all like 'sorry I have to work'. IT FUCKING PISSES ME OFF!!!!! I have been in his life for how long now??? She has only been around for a few weeks. As if she deserves his attention!!! Ugh, my hair is frizzing out again I seriously need a cut. Christina is gonna do it tomorrow. I'm not sure if I want to dye it ruby colored or just leave it black. I need some damn ideas.... 

This looks decent, though the model scares me a bit. I'd probably go for this with some deep ruby/maroon colors. Yep , I'm gonna print those pics out now. Hopefully I can get something close to this. :D 

Now my dad is texting me asking if I want to go to a movie with him on Tuesday since he's off work. How rediculous he knows I'm staying in Chicago with Rhonda until Thursday. He seriously needs a fucking hearing aid. Sometimes I swear I can't stand him.
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4 июн, 2008

Yossie - Love Machine


After buying lovely Yossie's 2 photobooks , I have to say I was somewhat surprised/disappointed/in love. I have always thought Hitomi was gorgeous and these books have somewhat shown off what a body she has.
And now enough with the stalling.....

 I bought Hello! Yossy yesterday on YesAsia so I hope to have a review done eventually.

29 май, 2008

Makoto - AFOD


I had to do this odd poem thing for school. You basically have to look at a picture and write about your five senses to the image. Told from a vocalists point of view.
My pic was:


I've had too many people still my things before. JUST DONT!!

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