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Ami Suzuki - Free Free

Июнь 2008

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11 июн, 2008

WTF? - Nono

Writer's Block: Unique Talents

Do you have a strange and obscure talent? What is it? If not, have you ever seen someone else's? What did they do?
 Yes. I can make sense. Not everyone can do that. Unfortunately , society today doesn't teach their kids properly. They let kids run around in restaurants they need to keep them on a fucking leash. It happened today. I was pissed!! i don't want some kids dirty hands near my food damnit!!!
Ami Suzuki - Free Free



Я не могу понять ее. Она надоедает меня настолько очень!! Она может fucking для того чтобы пойти умирает в аде. Сука!!!! Я ненавижу " LT"!!!!! Она отвратительна.



That is all.

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Aww  :3

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I knew I shouldn't have put Kisama in there. D:
 It came down to 9 & the real long number for the children and I was like nooo!!!!
I really wanted Yossie for my wife.

I chose 7 for magic #.
Ami Suzuki - Free Free

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 I don't like Toshi's vocals at all and I don't think I could handle listening to them. I'll give it a try though because I want to give Jun's band a chance. Gah! How could they break up the Iori/Jun pairing. D:

10 июн, 2008

Eun Hye 1

THANK KAMI!!!!!!!!

  It feels nice to have a lot of extra time lately... I'm going to the beach later on thanks to the weather actually clearing up. It's been so suckish lately with all that stupid rain. Today & tomorrow are going to be the best so far. Only 70 instead of 85 will be a nice change. Though I think my bathing suit won't fit anymore , I've lost too much weight. @_@ 

Anyways, I bought this whole container of rainbow sebert icecream and it's almost gone. I've only had one bowl my damn cousin probably ate it all last night. XD For some reason lately I've been really getting in tough with my Yoon Eun Hye side. I
ve become really obcessed with her and Baby V.O.X. I love kpop it's so deliciously good. lol  

EDIT : I spent at least an hour helping my aunt weed her garden. It was so hot outside but still better than rain. She has such a big garden. XD  I edned up order high-King's single because it's become so addicting and i LOVE   the dance. I really do and I'm in the middle of learning Takahashi's moves. XD Even though I don't even like her much , but she does have talent.
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